Why Women Are Attracted to Tall Men

Why Women Are Attracted to Tall Men
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Tall, Dark, and Handsome

If you’ve ever dabbled in the dating world, more than likely, you’ve heard women talk about how they want a guy who’s at least 6ft. However, have you ever wondered why this is? And, if you’re a shorter guy, is there anything you can do to make up for what you’re lacking height. Today, we’re going to go over why women tend to find taller guys attractive and how this may impact a shorter guys chance of success in the dating game.

The Allure of a Dominant Man

From the perspective of a woman, the taller a guy is, the dominant he is likely to be. While this isn’t always true, if you to trace things back to when we lived in the wild, you can see why having a tall mate around could aid in your survival. Taller, bigger individuals have a naturally commanding presence without having to do very much. Having to look up to a taller individual subconsciously plants the seed that they’re genetically superior. While in the modern world a short guy can have success and riches, the primal instinct that lurks within us is still very active.

The Strength of a Tall Man

Naturally, someone’s height is often associated with their weight, strength, and ability to protect. In our barbaric days, the stronger, taller, and heavier the man, the easier it wold be for him to gather the resources he needed to take care of his family.

The Link Between Height and Success

While we mentioned earlier that a man’s height doesn’t limit his ability to succeed, the natural influence that a tall man is able to wield will play a role in his ability to succeed.

Men and Women’s and Height Requirements

A study that was done in regard to what the ideal height of man should be for a woman showed that when a man was 21cm taller than his girlfriend, she’d be satisfied with his height. From the man’s perspective, if his partner was 8cm shorter than him, he’d be more than happy with that.

The Fight for Shorter Men

So, in light of this, you may be wondering, ‘Should short guys give up on dating?’ Of course not. When it comes to dating and anything else in life that matter, it’s in your best interest to not dwell on the things you don’t have, instead, you should focus on your strengths. When it comes to finding success with women, think about the other ways you can add value to their lives. With that being said, you should never feel as though you have to change who you are to accommodate the needs of somebody else.