Why Rejection is a Good Thing

Why Rejection is a Good Thing
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Embracing Rejection

We all want to be liked, especially by the people we have a romantic interest in; the feeling of belonging/being accepted by something bigger than ourselves is something that humans have sought after since the beginning of time, well, maybe not the very beginning, but you get the point. The sad thing is, in life, we don’t always get what we want but it’s important to learn that this isn’t always a bad thing.

Getting rejected is something that we all fear to some degree, it can make us feel as though there’s something wrong with us; this can be especially damaging if we’re rejected for something we can’t change. However, to get the most out of life, we have to put our hearts on the line; so whether there’s a girl you want or a career you desire, in order to get it, you’ve got to put yourself out there. Turning rejection in a positive experience can help you in a multitude of ways, many of which we’re going to share with you right now.

A Wake-Up Call

Sometimes, people can find themselves living under false pretences; while painful, a rejection can wake you up to the truth so you can start making positive strides in your life.

Internal Validation

Getting rejected can inspire you to stop determining what your value is by what other people think or say about you. If you’re able to love yourself regardless of what the world thinks, you’ll have the tools you need to live unapologetically, something that’ll bring you happiness in the long-run.

Playing by the Numbers

What it comes to approach anxiety, guys can develop a habit of investing too much time/thought into a girl he’s yet to say hello to. Once you’ve gotten used to rejection, you’ll be able to save time as you’ll be able to see a girl, make your approach, and then move on if things don’t work out. If you do this enough times, you’re bound to find a lady you hit it off, perhaps a girl you never would have met if you were still obsessing over the one who initially caught your eye.

The Sweetness of Success

Even though getting rejected can be a painful experience, when you do eventually find success, you’ll be all the more grateful for it. If you’ve ever played a video game in which you got stuck on a particular level, when you were finally able to beat it, the joy that overcame your far exceeded the stages in the game that you found easy to complete.

The Power to Improve

Like anything in life, the more you try something, the better you’ll get at it. The more times you hear no, the easier it’ll be for you to handle it emotionally. If you’re not very good at speaking to women, after 100 approaches, chances are, you’ll be much better at it than you were before you started. Not only will your ability to charm improve, your confidence levels will also receive a boost.