Why Men Have Stopped Pursuing Women

Why Men Have Stopped Pursuing Women
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The Thrill of the Chase

Not so long ago, we spoke about whether it was okay for a man to chase after a girl he likes; while we wholly believe that it’s okay to do so, these days, it seems as though less and less men we willing to put themselves on the front line. Today, we’re going to explore why this may be the case and if there’s anything that can be done to turn things around. It’s always been the case that men were seen as the pursuers, it’s something we always see in movies or read in books, the knight that comes to the rescue of the dreamy princess. While this still rings true today, much has changed in the world of dating; with the rise of dating apps, people don’t need to meet and greet people face-to-face, something that many would say has been the death of the confident man in recent times.

Gender Perception

It used to be that the man was portrayed as the romantic hero and the woman as the helpless princess. However, since women have gained their independence and ability to be self-sufficient, some guys believe that they no longer have a purpose. While there’s more to a relationship than what a man can bring to the table in regard to finances, it’ll take some time for this new social norm to settle in.

Fear of Failure

When it comes to approaching women, most men are afraid of what will happen; ‘Will she like me? What if she turns me down in public? What should I say?’ These are just some of the thoughts that will run through a guy’s head; putting yourself out there isn’t easy, especially if you have a deep fear of rejection.

The Rise of Dating Apps

When it comes to chasing women, it’s important to pin down exactly what men are pursuing women for. With all the dating/hook-up apps that are available, a lot of men aren’t looking for a long-term relationship. Sex is something that has become somewhat easily accessible; while sex isn’t everything, we’d be lying if we didn’t point out that it was a factor when it comes to a man’s decision to settle down. Since online dating is all done of texts, there’s very little investment when it comes to messaging a girl. If a girl you like doesn’t respond, you can quickly move onto the next profile.

Avoiding a Distraction

These days, it’s no secret that more and more people are happy enough living on their own. There’s also seems to be an unrelenting desire for people to strive for the highest levels of success. Due to this fact, rather than investing time in a woman who may break up with them, they’d rather spend that time working on themselves or their career.