How to Know If She Likes You

How to Know If She Likes You
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Does She Have Feelings For You?

Sometimes, it’s hard to know if a girl feels for you, romantically; many guys often wonder if the girl who has grabbed their heart has any romantic feelings for them.

The Wonders of Body Language

Nonverbal communication is important. If she is standing facing you for example, this shows that she may be keen to put herself in your view. Eye contact is also a great way of knowing how she feels. If she is interested, she will hold her gaze and her pupils will dilate, although this can sometimes be difficult to see.

She Likes Being Close to You

We all have our own personal body space and we can immediately feel it if another person enters it. A girl that is romantically interested in you will want to get close and you will feel her enter your space. She wants you to know she is there and will often find excuses to touch you as she speaks to you. This is a subtle way to flirt but it is something that is quite noticeable. She wants to gauge what your reaction is before she considers her next steps.

She Makes It Clear That She’s Available

If a girl tells you that she is single it is because she wants you to know and offer you the opportunity to change that. She might confide in you about a recent break up or ask you where you think she is going wrong with guys. Again, she will be trying to assess your reaction here and see if you are truly interested in the fact that she is single or just trying to be a friend to her.

She Asks Lots of Questions

A woman who is interested romantically will ask a lot of questions. She wants to weigh up if you are likely to make a good couple and see what you might have in common. She may also be trying to do some digging to find out if you are involved with anyone else or if you are looking for love.

She Laughs at Your Jokes

This is great as it says that you are on the same wavelength and you could have a lot of laughs as a couple in the future. It suggests that she’s interested in what you’re saying and gets your sense of humour. She wants you to know this, and she wants you to notice her laughing.

She’s Sleeping with You

This may seem like a given but hear us out. The reason we made this the final point is because all too often, men think that the girl they’ve caught feelings for is into them because of the things they say. Sure, she may say that you’re a nice guy and that any girl would be lucky to have you, however, if she genuinely meant this, why doesn’t she want to be with you? This may be a tough nut to swallow, but when it comes to the world of dating, you’re better off paying attention to what people do as opposed to what they say.