How to Flirt with Women

How to Flirt with Women
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The Art of Flirting

Flirting can be a fun and exhilarating experience, especially If you get comfortable with it. When it comes to flirting successfully, being able to hold an interesting conversation with a light, sexual undertone is important. While flirting, you don’t have to say anything explicitly naughty because it’s how you say something that makes all the difference. Being quick-witted is comes with time, so don’t feel as though you must have a cheeky response to everything she says.

Flirting with Confidence

When attempting to flirt with someone new, you can psych yourself out if you start thinking about things too much. Approaching a stranger is a big ask for most people, in fact, if you’re able to do that, even if you fail miserably at it, you’re way ahead the majority of the competition. When speaking to a girl you like, let the conversion flow naturally; the best way to do this is to not steak to much on what this interaction could mean. As soon as a girl expresses interests in a man, a lot of guys get caught up in the fantasy of what it’d be like to sleep with her, be in a relationship with her, or even start a family with her. Due to these fantasies, guys end up putting a lot of pressure on themselves to ensure that the interaction leads onto more.

Topics of Conversation

Everyone has hobbies and learning about the things that the girl you like is into can make for an interesting discussion. If you’re genuinely interested in what someone has to say, they’ll be able to pick up on it which will make them want to speak with you more about it. While you should make sure to not talk about yourself too much, being passionate about something is wildly attractive to women, so find a way to sneak it into the discussion skilfully.

When you notice a lull in the conversation, don’t focus on it, instead, look back on anything you touched upon previously that you can expand more on. Chances are, while she was speaking to about her interests, family, career, or anything else, she may have said something that sparked a thought in your mind; however, in order to not break up the conversation, you didn’t ask the question that popped into your head at the time. Well, now’s the time to ask her. Not only will this keep the conversation flowing in a natural manner, it’ll show her that you were actually listening to what she was saying.

Don’t be Afraid to Touch

Touching people you don’t know is something you have to be very careful with, so, unless you’re able to accurately read body language, you should probably stay away from it. That being said, light touching is something that can indicate sexual attraction between two people. You’ve probably noticed people gently brush past someone they like or playfully tap them on the shoulder while talking. Touching is something the breeds familiarity, throughout the course of an evening, light touching can evolve into heavy petting as people become closer and more comfortable with one another. If you reach out to touch someone and they back away from you or present signs of beings uncomfortable, take this as a sign of disinterest.

The Importance of Eye Contact

While eye contact isn’t something that is unnatural during a conversation, it’s important to recognise how someone is looking at you. From the outside looking in, it’s quite easy to spot when a girl is looking at a guy she’s romantically interested in. The look of desire is hard to miss and is usually accompanied by an unfading smile; the question is, can you identify this look when it’s being used on you?

Get out There and Start Flirting

Now that you know a bit about how to flirt with women, the best thing you can do is to get out into the world and get some practice. Don’t expect to be successful with every encounter you have, but do expect to get better at it over time. Soon enough, you’ll learn to have fun with it, you may even wind up enjoying it so much you find yourself flirting with people you’re not sexually interested in.